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  Professional Translator
Skills Required for Professional Translator
  • English-language skills
    Many people with English-language skills believe they are qualified to translate. In fact, English-language skills is just one of the qualifications required for a professional translator.
  • Japanese-language skills
    Japanese-language skills is also required to express in Japanese what one understand without influence of English wording.
  • Domain knowledge
    Documents in which a translator has no field-specific expertise are difficult to understand completely even if they are written in Japanese. Needless to say the translator will find it impossible to convey such matters to other people.
  • Patience in continuing precise work alone
    Translation requires concentration while spending a long time in solitude facing the original.
  • Teamwork skills
    A localization project involving a large amount of translation in a short period of time requires the teamwork of multiple translators. Many translators who do not know one another in person need to work together while maintaining consistency in the translation.
  • Awareness of working as a professional translator
    Translation work is not so easy that it can be carried out at home while taking intervals from household chores.

Translation work is neither glamorous nor enjoyable, but rather unnoticed work that takes place in the background.
However, the reality is that the motives of many would-be translators are, for example, "I want a job I can do at home because I am tired of working at a company," or "I am now a housewife, but I want to make the best use of my English-language skills." The Globee Translation Team is a professional team that has filtered out such amateurs.

A translator is an interface for end users.
End users need a translated user interface and manual to understand and use a product. Whether the end users are able to become familiar with a localized product depends on the quality of the translation. A translator must be careful even when translating a single word. One of the roles of a translator is to suggest the most suitable word.
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