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  Messages to Customers
Globee's corporate vision is to "deliver the highest quality translation possible within the budget and deadline given by customers. " Globee attaches importance to adhering to this corporate vision.
  1. Attaching Importance to Translators

    Good translation can be read easily as if it were originally written in Japanese. Such translation requires translators to have not only a great understanding of foreign languages, a strong knowledge in the field of expertise and a wealth of business experience but a superior writing ability of the Japanese language. Globee attaches importance to translators with such advanced capabilities.

  2. Attaching Importance to Team Strength

    The Globee translation team is composed of translators with backgrounds in system engineering and experience in a variety of fields. Team strength, for example, is indispensable for completing localization projects involving a large amount of translation in a short period of time. Many translators translate a part assigned in their field of expertise into correct Japanese language while keeping in mind the overall consistency, and then the editor reviews the whole translation. The team feels itself has become stronger and stronger by completing one after another large projects involving work requiring concentration and patience, and achieving customer satisfaction. Globee attaches importance to continuously improving team strength for the future.

Globee will never forget that the company owes its growth to customers, and continue doing its best to contribute to society.
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