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  Advantages and Disadvantages of Translation
Skillful translation gives merits and unskillful translation demerits to customers. In other words, good translation provides benefits and bad translation disadvantages for customers.
Globee will do its best to provide skillful, good translation for customers.

Good Translation
  • Invisible, like Air
    Good translation conveys meaning equivalent to that of the original in ordinary Japanese. You can read a good translation without effort as if it were originally written in Japanese.

  • Finishing
    A nice layout adds value to the document. A good translation does the same to the product.

  • Testing
    Translation carried out while verifying the functions step by step means final testing of the product.

  • Part of Product
    Translation does not exist independently.
    Translation must directly convey the concept of the product.

Bad Translation
  • Bad translation does not make sense and the expressions are poor.
  • Word-for-word translation.
  • The Japanese itself is all right but you have no idea what it means.
Examples of Bad Translation
  • The manual for purchased software is of no use.
  • The translation is difficult to understand, so the book is left unread on a bookshelf gathering layers of dust.
  • You feel something is wrong, and refer to the original text and find a mistranslation.
Disadvantages of Bad Translation
  • Disadvantages to Client
    • More engineers than you imagine are fussy about translation. A comment like "the translated manual (or book) is unreadable" damages the reputation of the client.
    • Can you trust a company whose website's and press releases' translation seems like unedited machine translation?

  • Disadvantages to End User
    • If localization translation of a product is difficult to understand, a lot of time is wasted trying to understand. Localization translation that can be read without effort is asked for.
    • Bad word selection hinders the understanding of technology itself. Inconsistency in word selection causes confusion.
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